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Food demand in Aragon: the influence of sociodemographic variables

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Authors: A.M. Martínez, J.M. Gil, A. Gracia
Issue: 92A-1 (37-52)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: food demand, Aragón, elasticities, sociodemographic variables

In this paper, the evolution and structure of food consumption in Aragón is analyzed. The objectives are twofold: first, to compare food consumption evolution in Aragón with the evolution in other regions and with national average to try to identify significant differences: and second, to determine the influence of both sociodemographic variables and per capita income on the consumers behaviour in Aragon. Results indicate that Spain and Aragón show similar food consumption trends, although meat expenditure is above average. All food products considered are normal goods but meat fish and oils and fats are more sensitive to changes in per capita income. Significant differences have been found in food expenditure when considering household size and composition. On the other hand, town size is not important to explain food expenditure differences.

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