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Legibility and comprehension of publications focused to farming and technical assistant in Zacatecas, Mexico

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Authors: MC. G. Galindo González
Issue: 92A-2 (115-125)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: transference, advisory service, extension

In the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, in the first semester of 1995 a study was elaborated with the objetive of knowing the degree of legibility and comprehension of the publications: Booklets and Triptyches for peasants, as well as to determine their content and presentation. These sequences were elaborated by the staff of the Technical Advisory service Programme of the Calera Experimental Station, dependent on the National Institute of Forest and Agricultural Research to measure the legibility. The formulation of R. Flesch was applied and adapted to the Spanish including three variables: number of words, number of syllables and number of sentences. Concerning the comprehension, the method proposed by Hermesdorf was applied, that includes the use of a Basic Vocabulary. For the characterization of the formal aspearance of publications different indicators were taken into consideration. The result showed that 20 Triptych and 42 Booklets were published, dealing with topics related to basic cultivation. fruit‑bearing and vegetables. The larger percentage of the Booklets were written in "normal prose", "easy" and "extremely easy", adapted for peasants with low level of schooling. However, this did not occur with the Triptyches, since they were drafted in extremely difficult and Difficult language. With respect to the comprehension, most of them were located as "average", not suitable for peasants with low level of schooling.

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