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Internal water relation in eight grape cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) I. Osmoregulation or osmotic adjustment

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Authors: C. Godoy, M.V. Huitron
Issue: 91V-1 (55-62)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: water potential, osmotic potential, pressure potential, relative water content, initial turgor loss point

In order to find osmoregulation differences, some water relation para meters in grapes, such as, osmotic potential at 100% of relative water content (RWC), water potential at cero of pressure potential and the initial turgor loss point (ITLP) were studied, a study was conducted whose main objetive was to determine the extent in osmoregulation or osmotic adjustment in eight grape cultivars. The present work was carried out in 1991 and the pressure‑volume technique using the pressure chamber was used to evaluate the extent in osmoregulation or osmotic adjustment in the grape cultivars.
'Feher Szagos', 'Tokay', 'Queen', 'Carigane' and 'Flame Seedless', showed a higher degree in osmoregulation than 'Málaga Roja', 'Garnacha' and 'Cardinal' cultivars.

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