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Poultry genetic type's growth and carcass comparison for semiextensive housing systems in the region of Soria (Spain)

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Authors: José Angel Miguel, Jesús Ciria, Begoña Asenjo, José Luis Calvo, Alicia Gómara, Amadeu Francesch
Issue: 104-3 (381-398)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Alternative aviculture, quality production, Castellana Negra, Penedesenca Negra, Empordanesa Roja, SASSO.

of Soria (Spain) Three experiences have been carried out so as to find a genetic type of chicken which could be produced in extensive situations in the province of Soria. In the first test males from the two indigenous Catalonian breeds (Penedesenca Negra and Empordanesa Roja) and the semi-heavy SASSO L-451N line were used; of these, the Penedesenca Negra was chosen, due to its greater acceptance among nontrained consumers (restaurant personnel, housewives,....) and its productive characteristics. Given that we hoped to comprise an indigenous genetic base from the area, in the second study the growth and carcass characteristics for both sexes of the Penedesenca Negra breed, the Castellana Negra, and the cross of both of these (CASPEN type) were distinguished. And given that the males of this last type demonstrated such good characteristics when raised in extensive housing systems, in the third test we worked with males from the Castellana Negra breed, the CASPEN line and the SASSO L-451N lines, so as to compare them being raised through open range husbandry or in intensive housing systems. It was found that Penedesenca cocks improved by crossing them with hens from the Castellana Negra breed proved to be an ideal genetic type, due to both their growth and to the characteristics of their carcass, to be raised through open range husbandry and as an alternative for chicken production in the climactic conditions of Soria.

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