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Plant architecture modification by cytokinin in Petunia

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Authors: N. Francescangeli y A. Zagabria
Issue: 106-1 (46-52)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: plant architecture, plant growth regulador, BA, Petunia x hybrida.

Data on the effects of the cytokinin 6-bencilaminopurine (BA) in various phenometric parameters of petunia were registered and their agronomic value to modify plant architecture was examinated. In an experiment conducted at the Estación Experimental Agropecuaria INTA San Pedro (Lat. 33 º 41 ‘S Long.: 59 º 41’ W), province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, four concentrations of BA: 0, 5, 10 and 15 mg L-1, applied by spraying three times in the cycle: a visible appearance of the first bud, at 7 days and 14 days after the onset of visible bud were compared. At increasing concentrations of BA, up to 15 mg. L-1: decreased plant height, dry weight of roots and flowers, and the number of leaves; increased the dry weight of all leaves and stems, the average length of leaves, individual leaf area and compactess index. We detected no effects of treatments on the number of branches and flowers, the total dry matter production, total leaf area of plants, the average width of the leaves and the average perimeter of the leaves. From the results obtained with the application of BA in petunia, the highest agronomic value can be allocated in the production of lower and compact plants; primary challenge for the producer of potted flowering species.

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