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Study of neosporosis in bulk tank and individual milk samples and their relationship with farm management and milk quality

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Authors: C. Nogareda, R. Colomé, M. Navarro, R. Armengol y A. Jubert
Issue: 107-4 (272-280)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: neosporosis, antibodies, ELISA, milk, bovine, prevalence

Neosporosis is a disease caused by the parasite Neospora caninum considered one of the most important cause of abortion on cows worldwide. We have studied the presence of antibodies against N. caninum analyzing the bulk tank and the individual milk using a commercial indirect ELISA test. Sixteen farms were visited and surveyed and from them 69% were positives. Statistical analysis showed that the antibodies were higher in the bulk tank in the herds in which dogs were present on the farm. Finally, the individually cow’s milk was analyzed in four farms and the results were related with their individual milk quality parameters and it was observed that level of positivity to N. caninum in individual milk was related to increased protein but to decreased lactose in milk.

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