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Economic compensations for limits of forest activities. Their application in Gipuzkoa

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Authors: Á. Aunós, F. Otazua
Issue: 101-1 (45-58)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: indemnifications, cut of hoisted, forest repopulation, type of discount

The aim of this document is to show the quantitative development of the legal resolution promulgated by the Diputación Foral of Gipuzkoa and created to attend some limitations imposed to the forest property. Firstly, the type of discount used in the up-date of income is determined, whose vawe contains the wide delay of the recovery of the initial investment , the risk and the coercive character of the norm. The limitation of fell imposed for the period of 20 years is quantified in 6,036 €/ha and one derivated from the prohibition of reforestation with certain species is compensated in three possiblities that oscillate from a minimum of 3,981 €/ha when the radiata pine can be replaced by medium growth rate until a maximum of 9,341 €/ha when it must be replaced by species of slow growth rate. The origin of the economic sources for those compensations is analyzed and we notice that the majority of the contribution comes from the own Diputación Foral of Gipuzkoa.

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