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Performance of “Monrepos” as a cherry rootstock (Prunus avium L.) in the Ebro Valley

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Authors: A. Pina, R. Gella y P. Errea
Issue: 110-3 (227-235)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Cherry, graft compatibility, rootstock breeding, propagation

The agronomic behaviour of “Monrepos”, a new plum rootstock for cherry selected at CITA of Aragon, has been evaluated. The study was performed during 9 years in the Ebro Valley (Spain), on a heavy and calcareous soil, with the cultivar Compact Stella grafted on 5 rootstocks used for cherry cultivars. Different agronomic characteristics were evaluated: vigour, production and productivity as well as propagation, bloom time and graft compatibility with a wide range of cherry cultivars. “Monrepos” roostocks showed a grow vigour and production higher than the evaluated roostocks, as well as a good compatibility with all the cultivars evaluated and a good rooting aptitude, by in vitro and hardwood cuttings methods.

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