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Relationship between the effects of the BMP15 gene and the polygenic effects on prolificacy in the rasa Aragonesa sheep breed

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Authors: S. Fathallah, J.L. Alabart, L. Bodin, M.A. Jiménez-Hernando, B. Lahoz, E. Fantova, I. David, J.J. Jurado
Issue: 112-1 (45-56)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: BMP15, prolificacy, polygenic effect, breeding value

The effects of the BMP15 gene, located on the X chromosome, on mean prolificacy and its variability, were estimated in the Rasa Aragonesa sheep population through the analysis of 918,956 lambing records from ewes of different genotypes (FecXR or ROA® heterozygous ewes; and non-carrier ewes). Threshold models including or not the gene effect were first run to determine the effect of the BMP15 genotype and its importance in the total genetic variability of prolificacy. Two other models were also run to estimate the interaction between the BMP15 genotype and the polygenic background, as well as the effect of the genotype on the variability prolificacy. All the models were run using the ASReml software. The effect of the presence of the ROA® allele of the BMP15 gene on the mean prolificacy was 0.32 extra lambs per lambing. Due to the selection on prolificacy performed during many years in this population ignoring the presence of this major gene, animals carrying the mutation were found to have lower remaining polygenic estimated breeding values than non-carrier animals, and there was no interaction between the BMP15 genotype and the polygenic background. Although the interaction between the genotype and the set of thresholds was significant, the resulting between-genotypes difference of variance of prolificacy on the observed scale, at a similar mean litter size, was very low and not relevant.

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