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Influence of the corm size and the density of plantation in the yield and the quality of the production of cormos of Crocus sativus L.

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Authors: J.A. de Juan, A. Moya, S. López, O. Botella, H. López, R. Muñoz
Issue: 99V-2 (169-180)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Saffron, implantation, caliber, population, descendants, rate of multiplication

Two important factors in the cultural improvement of the species of asexual or vegetative reproduction are the size of the organs of multiplication and the spatial distribution of the same ones (density and form of plantation). In an experiment realized in Albacete (Spain), in conditions of irrigation, there were studied the effects of the size of the bulbs (big size, TG; medium size, TM; small size, TP) and the population density of plantation (10 corms.m-2, D10; 30 corms.m-2, D30; 60 corms.m-2, D60; 100 corms.m-2, D100; 200 corms.m-2, D200; 300 corms.m-2, D300) in the crop of saffron (Crocus sativus L.), on the yield and the quality of the annual corms production. The best combinations, from the point of view of the production of corms, it would be to plant corms of big size with densities of 200 and 300 corms.m-2, with yields of 28.4 t.ha-1 and 36.3 t.ha-1, respectively; also, there would turn out to be interesting the combinations TG-D100, TM-D200 and TM-D300 with which they would obtain 19.5, 23.1 and 21.1 t.ha-1 respectively. If what is looked is the obtaining of the major possible number of corms type TG, the combinations to considering at the moment of the plantation would be: TG-D300 (60.9 corms.m-2), TG-D100 (69.6 corms.m-2) and TG-D200 (66.9 corms.m-2); in case of wishing the major possible number of corms with the equatorial diameter superior to 2.2 cm, the combinations, to choose at the moment of the plantation, they would be: TG-D300 (259.3 corms.m-2), TG-200 (150.7 corms.m-2), TM-D200 (118.4 corms.m-2) and TM-0300 (145.3 corms.m-2). An interesting combination from the economic point of view is TP- D300, it might manage produce 150.0 corms.m-2, principally of TM type.

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