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Characterization of almond varieties (Prunus amigdalus Batsch) through polimorpic isozyme

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Authors: H.A. Altube, R.S. Rivata, M.G. Ontivero-Urquiza, R.J. Taborda
Issue: 99V-2 (208-213)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Characterization, electrophoresis, variability, isozymes

Charactirization of almond varieties is traditionally done by pomological descriptors. Recently, biochemical characterization techniques, particularly those based on isoenzimatic polymorphism, have been introduced. The objective of this work was the characterization of 11 almond varieties through isoenzimatic polymorphism of peroxidase, catecol oxidase and esterase systems. Plant material was taken from stems and was kept at < 20 ºC before analysis. Electrophoresis analysis was performed in acrylamide gel al 10%. Enzymes showed different polymorphism degrees. Peroxidase enzymes allowed the characterization of Ferragnes, Peerless and Al varieties~ Tuono and Emilito cultivars were characterized by catecol oxidase and Ferragnes, Marcona, Ruby y Ferraduel by esterase. The remaining cultivars were grouped in different models.

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