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Assessing of some microbial indicators in two cuban rice soils

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Authors: P. Chaveli, L. Font, B.J. Calero, P. López, A.M. Francisco, R.D. Caballero, M. Valenciano
Issue: 102-1 (3-12)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Microbial indicators, soil degradation, salinity, rice cultivation

Assessing of some microbial indicators in two cuban rice soils The South area of the Camagüey province, Cuba is dedicated to rice crops. These soils show degradation symptoms with the rising fall of the agricultural yields and affectations of the environment caused mainly by the salinity. This harms the life conditions of the edafic microflora hence any alteration of its activity indicators can be used to identify the degradation state. This can be used to promote a sustainable development of the soil resource. For this study two types of soils were selected: Ferrasol and Vertisol. The sampling was carried out till a depth of 0-20 cm. As evaluative indexes the breathing activity, celulolitic and nitrifying capacity and other indicators of the soil and the cultivation were used. The results showed that in both types of soils, a potentially degrading microbiologic state was identified, this causes deterioration of the fertility and therefore an imbalance of the agroecosystem of these soils potentially saline. These conditions of deterioration and impoverishment of the soil constitute an unfavorable environment for most of the microorganisms.

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