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Consumers’ attitudes towards designation of origin lamb meat: segmentation and profiles

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Authors: A. Gracia
Issue: 101-1 (25-44)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Consumers, lamb meat, Designation of Origin, segmentation, Aragón (Spain)

In the agri-food market it can be observed an increasing in food consumption homogenization together with a greater segmentation in higher quality products markets (safer, more natural, convenience, healther, regional, etc.). The aim of this paper is to segment consumers according to their attitudes towards Designation of Origin (DO) lamb meat and to assess expansion market possibilities. Data come from a survey on consumption and attitudes towards lamb meat conducted in Aragón (Spain) in 2001. A cluster analysis (K-means) has been conducted to classify consumers into segments. Segments have been characterized according to socio-demographic characteristics, lifestyles, consumers’ lamb meat attributes perceptions, meat store, experience on lamb shopping and, level of DO lamb meat consumption. Results indicates that consumers can be classify into three groups: “DO lamb meat consumers”, “No consumers” and, “Likely consumers”. Finally, profiles for each of the segments are provided.

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