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Quality characteristics of cauliflower cultivars for minimal processing

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Authors: A. Simón
Issue: 104-1 (31-41)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Brassica oleracea cv. Botrytis., modified atmospheres, colour, texture, ascorbic acid, total phenols.

The behaviour of five cultivars of minimally processed cauliflower, packaged in four different plastics films and stored at 5ºC for up 13 days, was studied. Atmospheres generated inside the packages, colour, texture, cut darkening, off-odour, ascorbic acid and total phenols content were determined. The cultivars that most modified the atmosphere inside the packages were Lorien and Cristallo mainly in non-perforated PVC film. Off-odours were not detected. E51100 cultivar was characterized by good quality for minimal processing and high ascorbic acid and phenols content. Lorien cultivar showed very dark cuts, being considered not adequate for minimal processing.. Caprio and Cristallo cultivars suffered an important toughness during storage. May Fair cultivar showed good quality for minimally processing. Ascorbic acid content were kept or even increased during storage.An increase in total phenols was observed.

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